Early Head Start Home-Based Option Meets HHS Criteria

Model effectiveness research report last updated: 2016

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Reductions in child maltreatment

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EHS - Early Head Start Infant Mental Health Home-Based Services Adaptation (IMH-HB EHS)
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Outcome measure Effect Follow-up timing Sample Sample size Intervention group Comparison group Group difference Effect size Statistical significance
Number of emergency room visits for injuries
FavorableUnfavorable or ambiguousNo Effect
28 months after assignment EHS-HBO impact study 941 mothers Adjusted mean = 0.30 Adjusted mean = 0.30 Mean difference = 0.00 HomeVEE calculated = 0.00 Not statistically significant, p ≥ 0.05
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Outcome measure Outcome measure description Collection method Properties

ER visits due to accident or injury

Percentage of children who had visited an ER because of accident or injury Parent/caregiver report

Not applicable

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