Family Connects Meets HHS Criteria

Model effectiveness research report last updated: 2014

In brief

Evidence of model effectiveness

This model meets the criteria established by the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) for an “evidence-based early childhood home visiting service delivery model” for the general population, but does not meet the criteria for tribal populations.

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Model description

Family Connects is a universal nurse home visiting model available to all families with newborns residing within a defined service area. The model aims to support families’ efforts to enhance maternal and child health and well-being and reduce rates of child abuse and neglect. It consists of one to three nurse home visits, typically when the infant is 2 to 12 weeks old, and follow-up contacts with families and community agencies to confirm families’ successful linkages with community resources. During the initial home visit, a nurse conducts a physical health assessment of the mother and newborn, screens families for potential risk factors associated with mother’s and infant’s health and well-being, and may offer direct assistance (such as guidance on infant feeding and sleeping). If a family has a significant risk or need, the nurse connects the family to community resources. Program staff collaborate with the local department of social services and other local agencies that serve families with children from birth to age 5 years. The model began as a pilot under the name Durham Connects and is being replicated under the name Family Connects. For more information, please read the Model Overview.

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Extent of evidence

Results of search and review
Number of manuscripts
At least one finding was eligible for review…
  …and at least one finding rated high
  …and at least one finding rated moderate (but none rated high)
  …and all findings that were eligible for review rated low
  …but manuscript is additional source2

For more information, see the research database. For more information on the criteria used to rate research, please see details of HomVEE’s methods and standards.

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Summary of findings

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Criteria established by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Information based on comprehensive review of all high- and moderate-rated manuscripts
CriterionCriterion descriptionCriterion met?
1High- or moderate-quality impact study?Yes
2Across high- or moderate-quality studies, favorable impacts in at least two outcome domains within one sample OR the same domain for at least two non-overlapping samples?Yes
3Favorable impacts on full sample?Yes
4Any favorable impacts on outcome measures sustained at least 12 months after model enrollment?
Reported for all research but only required for RCTs.
5One or more favorable, statistically significant impact reported in a peer-reviewed journal?
Reported for all research but only required for RCTs.
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