Nurturing Parenting Programs (Birth to Age 5)

Model effectiveness research report last updated: 2011

In brief

Evidence of model effectiveness

Title General population Tribal population Domains with favorable effects
Nurturing Parenting Programs (Birth to Age 5) Does not meet HHS criteria because there are no high- or moderate-rated effectiveness studies of the model. Does not meet HHS criteria for tribal population because the model has not been evaluated with a tribal population.
  • Not applicable,

Model description

The Nurturing Parenting Programs target families with children from the prenatal period to age 18 who are at risk for child abuse or neglect. There are five general Nurturing Parenting Programs that specifically target children during the prenatal period or from birth to age 5 and that can be delivered primarily in the home: (1) Nurturing Program for Prenatal Families; (2) Nurturing Program for Parents and their Infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers; (3) Nurturing Program for Teen Parents and their Children; (4) Nurturing Skills for Families Program; and (5) Nurturing Skills for Teen Parents Program. In all five programs, home visitors engage in activities to promote positive parenting skills, self-nurturing, and child brain development. Depending on the model selected, the home-based-only model for adult and teen parents and their infants, toddlers, and preschoolers contains up to 55 home sessions each lasting 1.5 hours. The home-based programs have been adapted for several special populations, including military families, Hispanic families, and families with children with special needs and health challenges. 

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Extent of evidence

Results of search and review
Number of manuscripts
At least one finding was eligible for review…
  …and at least one finding rated high
  …and at least one finding rated moderate (but none rated high)
  …and all findings that were eligible for review rated low or indeterminate2
  …but manuscript is additional source3

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Summary of findings

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Criteria established by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

This model has no manuscripts that report high- or moderate-rated findings and therefore does not meet HHS criteria for an evidence-based early childhood home visiting service delivery model.

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