Model Effectiveness

Model effectiveness research reports

HomVEE reviews the evidence of effectiveness for specific early childhood home visiting models. Review results include:

  • evidence of model effectiveness
  • details of the manuscripts reviewed
  • a summary of findings by outcome domain

Tribal home visiting

HomVEE reviewed manuscripts of early childhood home visiting models that are of potential relevance to tribal populations, including American Indian and Alaskan Native (AIAN) families and children. Look here for:

  • models that have been tested in samples that include at least 10 percent of study participants from tribal populations
  • a summary of the research and lessons learned about early childhood home visiting services implemented with tribal populations

Home visiting model effects summary

Review a summary of effects found across all models.

Research database

The research database enables website users to search all manuscripts located by HomVEE for all of the models included in the review. For each manuscript, this search tool provides the complete citation, model, study design, study rating, screening decision, reason for low rating if applicable, and whether the manuscript reports on specific versions of the model or on replicated subgroups.