Review Process


To conduct a thorough and transparent review of the home visiting research literature, HomVEE follows seven main steps:

  1. Conduct a broad literature search.
  2. Screen studies for relevance.
  3. Prioritize models for the review.
  4. Rate the quality of impact studies with eligible designs.
  5. Assess the evidence of effectiveness for each model.
  6. Review implementation information for each model.
  7. Address potential conflicts of interest.

To have a complete understanding of possible program effects, the review must include all relevant research to date on models. Thus reviews of new models and updates of existing models systematically include all of the aforementioned steps.

As of 2019, HomVEE divides reviews into two tracks:

  • Track 1 is for models that HomVEE has not previously found to be evidence based (that is models, that either have never been reviewed by HomVEE before or were reviewed but did not meet the criteria for evidence of effectiveness). HomVEE releases results in September of each year for models in Track 1.
  • Track 2 updates the review of literature on models that HomVEE has previously found to be evidence-based. Updated to models in this Track are released by December.

HHS created these two tracks to facilitate review of a greater volume of models that are not evidence-based while still keeping reviews of evidence-based models up to date.